Attention: Wishing our Brunswick County Schools students a new school year filled with learning, growing, and fun!

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Ron – Cedar Grove Middle School and CIS Board Member

Ron Shuster is all in for Communities In Schools of Brunswick County (CIS). He is a dedicated member of the CIS Board of Directors, but also runs the CIS tutoring program at Cedar Grove Middle School with CIS Success Coach Ms. Laura Hicks. Ron is the only student tutor at the school, meeting with and helping anywhere from 10 to about 30 students weekly. He helps with all homework subjects, but at the same time mentoring the students and also instilling necessary organization skills to students for keeping track of their assignments, completed homework, and other schoolwork in their school binders. Ron encourages and motivates the students to work and do better. He is patient with a down to earth demeanor that goes over well with students. Ron is extremely supportive of the students and is part of the education support team with CIS at Cedar Grove Middle.

He has always been involved giving back to kids. He has volunteered with a homeless organization in Charlotte and an antibullying program in Greensboro. Ron wants to help students have better opportunities and a chance at a better life. He says, “Students are the future and so many fall through the cracks. I always wanted to be involved in an education nonprofit because education is the most critical thing for future success.” One of the most rewarding experiences for Ron volunteering with CIS is seeing students get through a quarter in school. “It’s so satisfying when you help a student that was way behind to get caught up, and at the end of the quarter are on schedule, doing well, and passing!”

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