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How to look like a million dollars and only spend a few bucks

Style on a budget is tough. But thrift shopping with style on a budget is not! Unfortunately, clothes can be expensive. It’s hard to know how to shop and what to shop for. These simple tips can help you make the most of your look and achieve that new look for a few dollars. It is possible to have style on a budget. It simply requires a shift in your mindset and knowing where to find name brand, quality clothing at great prices.

Change Your Mind

Sometimes thrift shopping might have negative thoughts associated with it from buying used, older, and out of style clothing. Good news: Everything old is new again! If you are looking for a cutting edge fashion trend to make a comeback, head to a thrift shop and see what treasures have recently made it to the sales floor. Thrift shop vintage finds will look on trend but also unique, because items are not the mass market current version.

CIS Thrift Shops do not follow this preconceived negative view of thrift shops. CIS Thrift Shops only accept clean, good quality donated clothing. The shops carry recent clothing styles. Donations are checked for stains and damage as well as cleaned and steamed before being placed on the sales floor. Thrift shopping can bring happiness and satisfaction. The perfect top and pants or dress is waiting and will change your look. New outfits will make you look good and dressing up can even make you feel better, polished, professional, and stylish. Not only does shopping in CIS Thrift Shops change your life because of the great name brand clothing finds at deeply discounted prices, but proceeds go to CIS programming serving students and families in Brunswick County. Shop confidently knowing 84 cents of every dollar spent in CIS Thrift Shops goes toward local dropout prevention programming.

CIS Thrift Shop managers and volunteers get to know customers personally, often keeping a list of treasured items they are seeking and phoning them when something comes in. Key elements of the CIS Thrift Shop brand remain unchanged and are well known in the community. Over the past decade, CIS has maintained bright, clean, welcoming shops with high quality merchandise at extremely low prices. CIS Thrift Shops offer customers a boutique style shopping experience unlike the normal thrift shop. Our shops mix colorful displays of clothing with a dash of creativity, pairing outfits and accessories together or showing a sample furniture configuration for customer inspiration.

Having style on a budget doesn’t have to be a challenge. CIS Thrift Shop inventory turns over daily and new styles and brands come in regularly. A shopper can change up their look for different occasions or events and find great deals on complete outfits and accessories for the special event. The best items can be found if you visit often.

Watch for wardrobe staples and brand names that hold up well. Items like GAP t-shirts and brand-name jeans might cost a few dollars more, but you’ll get what you pay for (and it’s worth a few bucks for higher quality clothing). Pants, jeans, jackets and skirts tend to last longer and keep their shape better than tops, sweaters and shoes. It makes sense, as these items are usually made with sturdier fabric. Look for classic cuts, colors and designs when searching through thrift shop fashions. Dress pants, jeans and jackets usually don’t go out of style quite as quickly as other items. Fabrics like denim, tweed and wool are stronger than knits and hold up better for longer.

“We carry name brand items for men and women like Polo, J. Crew, J. Jill, Chico’s, and Catos which can be found priced from $6 to $8,” says CIS Thrift Shop Operations Manager Todd Beane. “That is a great price on those brands. Some of our donated thrift shop merchandise is brand new with tags still on.”

Organize, Divide, and Conquer

Go through closets and do an overhaul. Create shopping lists based on items you already own and think what items you might need to stretch and expand your existing wardrobe. While cleaning closets, be sure to remember CIS Thrift Shops for donations too – bringing in any items that no longer work or fit. As you go through your closet, create a shopping list to take with you when you go thrifting to remember what pieces pair with already owned clothing.

Focus on staple colors to stretch existing clothing options to get by with fewer pieces. Search for pants or shirts and tops that go with multiple options in your closet. Owning three pairs of dress pants in black or dark blue and then several interchangeable tops with the pants will create many different looks. The main concept in this wardrobe is every item goes together. This doesn’t mean every piece is dull or boring. Several patterned tops may all go with black, grey or dark blue, and can be interchanged with different pants, jeans, skirts and more. CIS Thrift Shops are even great for accessories to build out your new look. Grab a retro necklace, scarf, or another item to make your new look pop.

Building up a good quality wardrobe for low expense takes time, but always keep searching and looking for those great finds. CIS shops are great resources with many gently used, name brand selections for men and women, but also have stylist managers working to help you match up styles and colors.

The main thing to remember is go for quality clothes that make you feel good. You will feel confident and put together. You’ll look great and you’ll feel great knowing that you saved money and helped students right here in Brunswick County at the same time. The CIS brand is stronger than just our merchandise. We offer a chance to contribute to changing a student’s life through donating, purchasing, or even volunteering at a CIS Thrift Shop.

CIS operates four thrift shops in Brunswick County for your donating and shopping convenience. CIS Thrift Shops are located in Boiling Spring Lakes, Leland, Southport, and Sunset Beach. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for regular updates.

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