Attention:Wishing Brunswick County Schools students all the best on their End of Grade Testing!


“Having a caring adult with Communities In Schools at Town Creek Middle School can make all the difference in a child’s life for future success.  Michele, CIS Success Coach, is a warm and empathic colleague who helps students have positive self-regard for themselves.”

Mr. Ziemba

Town Creek Middle School Counselor

“Without CIS in our school, we would not be able to support, provide, and encourage our kids as we are able to do.”


Tonya Hilliard

Guidance Counselor, Cedar Grove Middle School

The CIS program has been essential at SBMS by connecting with the community to get volunteers and resources that are necessary to meet the needs of our school and students. By doing so it enhances our school and brings it to the next level of greatness! And CALIE IS THE GREATEST AND THE STUDENTS AND STAFF LOVE HER.

Rebecca Heitz

Assistant Principal, South Brunswick Middle School

Action for Success is a strong support for students at Supply to help them receive the extra help that they need to succeed.

Mrs. Schulte

4th Grade Teacher, Supply Elementary School

Mrs. Thompson worked with my granddaughter last year on her Math.  My granddaughter had tutoring Tuesday and Thursday after school [also].  Due to all her efforts my granddaughter passed her grade. My granddaughter learned tools that she will use throughout life.  A great program. I recommend this for any child struggling.  Thanks for everything.

Barbara Reavis

Grandparent of Leland Middle School Student

CIS Parenting Class participant

Jane is an older parent who adopted twins. She says the Parenting Class has helped her so much. She is becoming aware of her actions, as well as the actions of her children. In the past, she would work from a negative perspective. As a result of taking the parenting class, the weekly classes reinforce her positive thought pattern as opposed to returning to her old style of parenting. She stated that she likes the fact that participants can speak openly about their problems, with no negativity or judgmental behavior from the facilitators or other participants. She is glad the children are receiving some skills on feelings, etc. and sees that her children, especially her son, try to behave better as a result of the classes.


CIS Parenting Class participant

SMS CIS Lunch Buddy and Mentor

As we all know, kids can teach adults many things. Having been a lunch buddy and a mentor for the past three years, I have learned much about various topics such as surfing, the Simpsons, and what’s inside that mysterious “Upside Down House” in Myrtle Beach. I have learned about Minecraft, the Stephanie Meyer Twilight series, and interesting features on my Smart phone I wasn’t smart enough to know I even had. I am not sure what my lunch buddies have learned from me, but I do hope they are learning that education can be their BFF and that there is an astonishing, astounding life after middle school. I hope they are realizing that Shallotte Middle School is full of wonderful opportunities that will help them to blossom into hard workers, strong leaders, and responsible citizens.

The CIS Program gives much to me and I most appreciative and grateful. I am thankful for the coordination and guidance Ms. Rau provides to all of us so that the CIS activities run smoothly and successfully. I am thankful to the staff, teachers, and administration who work so hard every school day to keep education alive and well. And, of course, I am thankful to the students, each and every one, who add to the joy of my world, just by being their amazing selves.

Shallotte Middle School CIS Lunch Buddy and Mentor

Four years as lunch buddies!

John C. Crosby said, “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” That’s exactly what we provide as lunch buddies. For our middle school buddies, we’re adults that listen; we’re a sounding board for their ideas, and provide a voice of reason to help put them on the right track…when they need re-tracking.

Since we first completed the orientation for Community In Schools we’ve had the pleasure to be lunch buddies for five different students. Being a lunch buddy allows us to develop strong relationships with our middle schoolers. Currently we work with a sixth, seventh and eight grader and meet once a week during each of their lunch periods. We’ve been able to begin with each of our students when they started at Shallotte Middle School as sixth graders and continue meeting with them until they move on to high school.

We, too, have benefited greatly from being lunch buddies. For us, our time together reminds us of what it’s like to be a preteen and teen – very dramatic, exciting, and funny. Being a lunch buddy has kept us in touch with current pop culture. It has allowed us to develop relationships with young people and provide our buddies with a caring, interested adult that will listen to what’s going on in their lives, cheerlead from the sidelines, and provide support and encouragement for whatever they want to do. Lunch buddies encourage students to do well in school and at home. We love being lunch buddies for our students.

Kim and Carolyn Loucks

CIS middle school lunch buddies

CIS Success Coach at South Brunswick Middle School commended

Calie has done an outstanding job of identifying the appropriate students to work with in her program, and she has recruited some great volunteers. She is always striving for ways to make her program stronger, and to do everything within reason to support her students. One of the things I respect most about Ms. Hodgson is that she has a natural instinct for knowing when to be firm with a student and when a child needs some TLC. She holds them accountable for their actions and sets high, but reasonable, expectations for them. She also knows how to set boundaries for them and when to give them tough love.

Calie is an excellent role model for our students and is consistently the epitome of outstanding character. She has taught me a great deal this school year, and has made tremendous strides in her role as a Success Coach.

Anne Joyner

South Brunswick Middle School Counselor

Action for Success testimonial

“Diana” was referred to Action for Success because she got into a fight on the bus, and was initially referred to the Peer Court program. Since that situation, she has been a positive student and has completed the program. After this incident the Success Coach encouraged her to try out for the girl’s basketball team. She made the team and turned out to be a big part of the team. She was selected (unanimously) as a captain and started every game. The team went on to be tournament champions, and she received the “Coaches Award’ at the school sports banquet. It should also be noted Diana was involved since 6th grade as a student volunteer in the Peer Court Program, and was reinstated this school year.

What truly makes this story so amazing is that Diana comes from a very rough upbringing and lacks family support in her life. Her father who is very supportive now, was previously involved in gangs and drugs. Her mother is currently involved in drugs and alcohol, and is not a very positive influence in her life. But through it all she comes to school every day, has a smile on her face, and is a great student.

CIS Success Coach

Communities In Schools

Teen Court defendant

Observing sessions of Teen Court helped me understand the court system, and showed me that I’m not the only one that makes mistakes. Teen Court helped me change and think about my life and future more. I’m doing better with my parents and trying harder in school. I realized that stealing and doing other things aren’t worth my time. It only gets you in a bad or serious situation. So even though it may be “cool” it’s just best to stay away from it. I really appreciate this program.

Teen Court defendant

CIS Success Coach Ruth Thompson – Flexible and Giving

Our Success Coach, Ruth Thompson, is one of the most flexible and giving persons on our staff! She will seek out the students even when they think they do not want help, and follow the parents until they respond to the needs of the child. Students truly come to love the support they get from and through her and want to continue in subsequent years.

CIS Success Coach Ruth Thompson

Patricia C. Underwood, Past Principal at Leland Middle School

CIS Success Coach Michele Rau – Part Friend, Part Parent, Part Educator

The CIS Action for Success program provides the necessary student and family support needed by our most at-risk students. Michele Rau reaches students from a different standpoint than possible for teachers or administrators. Part friend, part parent, part educator – the Success Coach is a child’s advocate in ways educators cannot be

CIS Success Coach Michele Rau

Paul Price, Past Principal at Shallotte Middle School