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Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices provide intervention, accountability, and support to students who commit a misdemeanor offense or receive a disciplinary action for their conduct at school. This program focuses on bringing together the offender and those negatively affected by his or her actions and supporting them in working together to determine a sanction for the offending student, helping the offender understand how his or her actions affected others, and helping the offender reintegrate back into the classroom and school community in a positive and supportive way. Restorative Circles is part of this practice, bringing all involved, along with the offender’s parent, together to resolve the conflict. Sanctions may include letters of apology, community service, maintaining grades and school attendance, or restitution, depending on the type of offense. Student offenders have a set time period to complete the agreed upon sanctions and not face a potential referral to Juvenile Court. Restorative Practices are also used in the school throughout the school day to help students resolve minor disagreements and challenges, focusing in building interpersonal skills and resolving conflict collaboratively. It is designed to strengthen the school community by providing opportunities to learn from negative situations and build strong interpersonal communication skills the student can use in the course of his or her ongoing daily interactions with others both inside and outside of the classroom. (

Where and When is the Restore Program implemented?

The Restore Program is used in the following schools where Communities In Schools of Brunswick County provides the Action for Success Program. It is implemented by our Success Coaches who have all been trained to implement the program. Our two Program Directors are also certified Restorative Practices trainers and provide ongoing coaching and support in program implementation. Restore is provided on an as needed basis, dependent upon when offenses or disciplinary issues occur and are referred by school administration to the program.

Cedar Grove Middle School

Leland Middle School

Waccamaw School (K-8)

Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School

Town Creek Middle School

Shallotte Middle School

South Brunswick Middle School

Supply Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

For More Information

Restore Program Contacts

Taylor Watkins (Certified Restorative Practices trainer) – Cedar Grove Middle School (910) 756-6120 Ext. 28059
Drew Jordan (Certified Restorative Practices trainer) – Supply Elementary School (910) 756-5640 Ext. 21048
Ruth Thompson – Leland Middle School (910) 371-3030 Ext. 17021
Olivia Hintz – Shallotte Middle School (910) 754-6882 Ext. 15045
Bryan Mills – South Brunswick Middle School (910) 756-6870 Ext. 16023
Corri Proctor – Waccamaw School (910) 287-6437 Ext. 25035
Gia Antinori – Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School (910) 756-5910 Ext. 26027
Morgan Fragale – Lincoln Elementary School (910) 31-3597 Ext. 18029
Maureen Norcross – Town Creek Middle School (910) 756-5320 Ext. 23030