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Peer Court


What is Peer Court?

Peer Court is currently provided at three Brunswick County elementary schools, one K-8 grade school and five middle schools, providing first time juvenile misdemeanor offenders with a “second chance” and an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Offenders have the opportunity to accept responsibility for their offense and have their case heard by a jury of their peers. Student volunteers are trained by adult volunteers with legal backgrounds to serve as attorneys, jurors, clerks and bailiffs to present cases and determine constructive sentences for student offenders. The offending student has a set timeframe to complete all sentencing requirements and thereby avoid a juvenile court record.

Peer Court is also used as an alternative to Out of School Suspension at the elementary and middle school level. Peer Court focuses on being educational rather than punitive, as a mechanism for helping students improve conduct and behavior and avoiding future contact with the juvenile court system.

For more information regarding the Peer Court Program, contact Mallory Wells, Program Operations Officer, at (910) 253-5327 Ext. 1434 or

Where and When is Peer Court Held?

Peer Court, a partnership between Communities In Schools of Brunswick County and the Brunswick County School District, is held in the following schools:

Cedar Grove Middle School

Leland Middle School

Waccamaw School (K-8)

Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School

Town Creek Middle School

Shallotte Middle School

South Brunswick Middle School

Supply Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

For More Information

Peer Court Middle School Contacts

Taylor Watkins – Cedar Grove Middle School (910) 756-6120 Ext. 28059
Ruth Thompson – Leland Middle School (910) 371-3030 Ext. 17021
Olivia Hintz – Shallotte Middle School (910) 754-6882 Ext. 15045
Bryan Mills – South Brunswick Middle School (910) 756-6870 Ext. 16023
Corri Proctor – Waccamaw School (910) 287-6437 Ext. 25035
Drew Jordan – Supply Elementary School (910) 756-5640 Ext. 21048
LeAnn Cain – Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School (910) 756-5910 Ext. 26027
Morgan Fragale – Lincoln Elementary School (910) 31-3597 Ext. 18029
Calie Capps – Town Creek Middle School (910) 756-5320 Ext. 23030