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Improving Outcomes

Zaiden lives at home, but in a very crowded home. He lives with his sister and brother and shares his home with his mom, aunt and her boyfriend, as well as his dad and his girlfriend. Zaiden attends Leland Middle School. He was referred to the CIS Action for Success program by the LMS guidance counselor at the beginning of his 7th grade year. Prior to referral, Zaiden received disciplinary referrals for disruptive behavior, was having difficulty with peers, and needed help with math. Zaiden’s attendance was also suffering. He missed 13 days in his 6th grade year and 16 days in 7th grade.

Once in the CIS Action for Success program, Zaiden began receiving the evidence-based services regularly to help with his schoolwork. He also began meeting and working one-on-one with CIS Success Coach at LMS Ruth Thompson. Zaiden received math tutoring during his 7th grade year as well as receiving social emotional learning instruction in the CIS Why Try program in his 7th and 8th grade years. He was given additional behavioral support and mentoring from the CIS lunch buddy program during 7th grade. Zaiden now checks in regularly with Mrs. Thompson to review his grades, behaviors, and attendance. He even stops by Mr. Thompson’s office just to talk.

CIS interventions have improved Zaiden’s outcomes. He had eight disciplinary referrals in 7th grade, but has had none this year in 8th grade. He has learned how to better deal with peer issues this year. Zaiden said, “Mrs. Thompson has helped me with my anger towards people. Having someone to talk to helped me deal with people who are annoying. She told me to ignore them or to tell them to stop.” His maturity has grown this year and he is much less emotional when things don’t go his way. Zaiden rolls with it more often instead of getting upset.

Zaiden’s school attendance has really improved. Halfway through this current school year he has not missed any days. His grades are also much improved and doing great. He is currently carrying all A’s and B’s in the second nine weeks of school and has improved his grades in five of his classes since the first nine weeks. His grade in Math is now a B!

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