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Student Success Story: Gracie

Gracie is a 5th grade student at Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School in Ash who was referred to the CIS Action for Success Program toward the end of 4th grade. Gracie had behavioral referrals to the principal’s office for her behavior and reactions that demonstrated her inability to self-regulate her emotions. She was referred to CIS to help her reduce these office referrals as well as to support her in character building. Through building a trusting and mutually respectful relationship with Gracie, Success Coach Gia Antinori learned that Gracie enjoys Pokémon, watching movies, and dancing! This knowledge helped Ms. Gia formulate an intervention plan to which Gracie would respond positively.

Gracie was also referred to CIS because she had some difficulty with making friends and getting along with other students. Gracie had lunch with Ms. Gia every Tuesday and Thursday to help her grow her social skills and make positive connections. She started to include her friends who eventually were served by the CIS program as well, because of the benefits and ways CIS makes an impact in students’ lives.

Every morning Gracie came into Ms. Gia’s classroom to set a positive tone for the start of her  day. She also picked out a Pokémon card she could earn at the end of the day if she avoided an office referral and had positive peer and staff interactions that day. Ms. Gia bought 100 Pokémon cards and Gracie earned more than half of them by early May!

As the school year progressed, Ms. Gia and Gracie had more positive school days together and Ms. Gia shared, “Gracie is one of a kind”. Finding what resonates with individual students and working to support their unique needs in a way in which they will positively respond is an essential element of the CIS Model of Intervention. Students each learn differently and have varied needs. Ms. Gia was able to connect with Gracie over her love of Pokemon cards and therefore help motivate and encourage her in making behavioral changes that have had a positive impact on her academically, socially, and behaviorally.

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