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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Charity was referred to the Action for Success Program at Leland Middle School last year in 6th grade. She was referred for Reading and Behavior interventions. Ruth Thompson, CIS Success Coach at Leland Middle School, developed an individualized Student Support Plan to support Charity’s needs and began working to help her achieve her goals.

Mrs. Thompson put Charity into a Reading tutoring group last year in 6th grade with Reading volunteer Mrs. Herzog, in a group of two students. She performed pretty well but wasn’t as engaged and motivated as she could have been. Most of the time Mrs. Thompson had to remind her to attend tutoring, and then sometimes she would still forget. She continued with the same tutor this year for Reading tutoring, but this time, one-on-one. The tutor says that this year “her overall demeanor has improved. She is more outgoing, more collaborative, and more positive.” And most of the time she comes to tutoring on her own. Her grade last year in English Language Arts was a failing one but this year she earned an A.

Mrs. Thompson monitored Charity’s behavior and talked with her about strategies to do better. Last year she had two Disciplinary Referrals and this year she has had none. This year she has been on Ms. Herbein’s caseload. Ms. Herbein, the other CIS Success Coach assigned to Leland Middle School, says that “Charity is a truly special person. She is someone that is always a pleasure to work with and speak to. All of her teachers and tutors have noted what an incredible young woman she is growing into. Charity has become very involved in the school as well, joining the chorus and the drama club this year. We believe great things lie ahead for her and we can’t wait to see what all she can accomplish.”

Charity has also participated in Lunch Bunch this year with Mrs. Herbein. Lunch Bunch allows students to meet with their Success Coach during their lunch period for additional support. Charity says that “Mrs. Herzog, Mrs. Herbein, and Mrs. Thompson have taught me how to be more positive and have encouraged me to be more engaging. I have also surrounded myself with positive friends who are a good influence. Mrs. Herbein has taught me to be more social, helping me to talk to others. Tutoring has helped me raise my ELA grade. If CIS was not here, I would be failing.”

Kudos to Charity and to the CIS Team members who have supported her and provided services to help Charity achieve her goals this year. Helping students succeed is about building strong, mutually respectful and trusting relationships and this is a prime example of how this benefits students in a multitude of ways. We wish Charity much success in the coming school year and beyond and know she will continue to succeed!

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