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CIS teaches hard work brings success

Throughout the school year Eduardo struggled with spelling, and was recently moved from third to second grade to help him catch up academically. Eduardo works every day in CIS afterschool programming to improve his spelling and other classes. Each week Eduardo would look forward to afterschool to work with CIS in hopes of improving his spelling and practice for spelling tests. He was paired with a volunteer Reading Buddy to provide the extra support he needed to try and reach his goal.

After months of hard work, Eduardo began scoring 90’s and 95’s on spelling tests. Each week he would run to CIS Afterschool with a big smile on his face and share his spelling test for the week with staff. Recently Eduardo came into the library with a larger than usual grin. He had a perfect 100% on his spelling test! All of Eduardo’s hard work and determination to improve his spelling had paid off. Not only did he achieve a perfect score of 100 on his test to prove his hard work, but the proud grin he wore sharing his story was the biggest prize of all!

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