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Mary Anne – Shallotte Middle School

Mary Anne Crimi, Shallotte Middle School CIS Lunch Buddy, Mentor, and Peer Court Volunteer: “As we all know, kids can teach adults many things. Having been a lunch buddy, a mentor, before, and working with Peer Court over the past four years, I have learned much about various topics such as surfing, the Simpsons, and what’s inside that mysterious “Upside Down House” in Myrtle Beach. I have learned about Minecraft, the Stephanie Meyer Twilight series, and interesting features on my smart phone I wasn’t smart enough to know I even had. I am not sure what my lunch buddies have learned from me, but I do hope they are learning that education can be their BFF and that there is an astonishing, astounding life after middle school. I hope they are realizing that Shallotte Middle School is full of wonderful opportunities that will help them to blossom into hard workers, strong leaders, and responsible citizens.”

“The CIS Program gives much to me and I most appreciative and grateful. I am thankful for the coordination and guidance Ms. Rau provides to all of us so that the CIS activities run smoothly and successfully. I am thankful to the staff, teachers, and administration who work so hard every school day to keep education alive and well. And, of course, I am thankful to the students, each and every one, who add to the joy of my world, just by being their amazing selves.”

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