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South Brunswick Islands Rotary Sponsors Book Club at Waccamaw School

The Book Club is running strong at Waccamaw School! Currently, 10-12 students from grades 5th through 8th grade have participated in 5 sessions so far. Snacks, open discussion, and Harmony social-emotional learning games have kept the students on their feet and engaged.

Last week, Captain Tim Daniels of the South Brunswick Island Rotary Club stopped by to say hello and give a presentation. Tim did a wonderful job giving a brief history of how America was founded. He also shared some fun facts and discussed barriers that he faced while on his road to success. Students loved the opportunity to engage in a question-and-answer session.

Even though students were initially hesitant to talk with an officer of the law, they listened intently and slowly began to warm up to Mr. Daniels. The students practiced some cadence commands and watched videos about the start of a trooper’s life at the academy.

It was great to see how the student’s perception softened as Mr. Daniel’s told them a little of his life story. The students all wanted to take pictures with him and realized that officers can come from an array of backgrounds and often must overcome unique barriers within the law enforcement field of study.

In addition to Mr. Daniels service to the South Brunswick Islands Rotary Club, he is also a member of the CIS Board of Directors.


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